Master The Sales Funnel – Episode #3 – Landing Pages

Welcome back to the “Master the Sales Funnel” series!

My name is Chet Gass of CG Marketing Automation, and I will be your glorious host throughout this series of videos – walking you through A-Z on how to build your very own sales funnel (even if you’ve never built one before)

Or, even if you don’t even know what a sales funnel is.

Now – This is not the first in the series, and if you haven’t watched the previous 2 videos, well then this just isn’t going to make much sense! So make sure you check out the series from the beginning right here.

Now then – to the topic at hand… in video #3 we are going to be talking about one thing and one thing only, landing pages!

What’s a landing page you ask? A landing page is where you are driving the traffic of your funnel to. (my grammar teacher told me never to end a sentence in a preposition, but we’re gonna let this one slide)

A landing pages main goal is to capture the prospects contact details, and put them into your marketing system. Then, once you have their contact details, you can send them marketing offers, promotions, etc. (E.I. putting them through your sales funnel)

Now a popular response is, “Hey Chet, can’t I just send them to my website and have them contact me for information directly?”

And the answer is usually, “No”. Because many websites aren’t set up in a way to direct people the route you want them to go.

Think about it, you have pictures, pricing, about us, links, blogs, blah blah blah…

That’s information overload! You’re never going to get them into your sales funnel that way because there’s too many places they can get deterred.

So a landing page usually has no outside links (unless they are small social media links, or links at the bottom of the page to terms & conditions or privacy statements) and it’s sole purpose and the goal of the whole page is to get someone to sign up for whatever your offering.

Now in video #2 we covered the offer – how to make one, what it should do. So this page is going to “offer your offer” to them!

So – let’s talk about proper ways to create a great landing page (that will not only be useful for getting your new leads, but any other time you need to create a landing page, or a webpage in general)

*Please note: I’m not going to be covering the technicals of how to build the page, but rather the layout of the page and what should go where. I would recommend getting a website developer to create the actual page for you, and you can just tell them where to put everything (Like the website architect!)

So let’s start at the basics:

  1. Above the fold.

If you don’t know what I mean, check out our video here about “the fold”. Basically when you open up page, everything you see on that page without having to scroll is “above the fold”.

Everything below that, “below the fold”.

Pretty simple so far, right?

So your offer needs to be paraphrased above the fold. That means in the space of about a headline, a sub heading, and maybe a paragraph (plus any images and the button/form on the page) you need to express your intentions. A large chunk of people never even scroll down on the page, they will just leave if everything above the fold isn’t jiving with them (and we don’t want that!)

So your “above the fold” needs to be the best, strongest case you have for why they need what you’re offering them. If you got weak sauce as your first line of defense… well, you’re not going to get many opt-ins!

2. Use Testimonials!!

Many people don’t use testimonials to the best of their abilities, and it’s a shame because it’s one of the easiest ways to sell your products and services.

What’s better than you trying to sell to someone else? somebody else trying to sell to somebody else.

If you have a lot of valid proof that others have had success by signing up for what your offering, they are going to be much more willing to opt-in.

On the home page of our site, we use a testimonial above the fold – just so it’s clear that there are high-profile people & businesses out there that love what we do!

Don’t be afraid to plaster testimonials where-ever you can, the more, the better. You really can’t go wrong with social proof.

3. Conserve space – use video

Video has proven to be one of the best tools you can use on landing pages to increase the amount of conversions.

There’s all kinds of ways to use it, but generally since “above the fold” is so short on real estate, many people put videos above the fold that auto-play as soon as you open the page (ahem… like our site…)
This allows you essentially to fit a TON of content (by making the video how long/short you want it) in a small amount of space because you don’t have to write it, it’s already there and someone is just saying it.

You can use “talking head” videos (where someone is talking to the camera) or you can get more innovative and use stop-motion or animated videos that can do wonders for keeping peoples eyeballs glued on the screen. (hook, line & sinker!)

4. Your page is selling your OFFER, not your funnel.


Your page shouldn’t be talking about your products, your services, your accomplishments, or what you want to tell them when they are in your funnel. That’s the funnels job.

The ONLY job that page has is selling the next step. So if they are opting in for a free PDF report, the ONLY thing that should be on that page is why they need to sign up for the free PDF report – nothing more, nothing less.

Testimonials should only have to do with people who were happy about the PDF report.

Imagery and business information – you guessed it, should be centric around the information covered in that report.

Let the funnel push them through the next step. A good sales funnel is like trying to cross a river. Your not looking at the river bank on the other side and clearing it in one jump – your jumping a stone at a time, getting your footing, and jumping to the next stone. That’s what we’re doing here.

That’s it for Episode #3 – and yes, next week we will actually finally be talking about the SALES FUNNEL.

But hey, this stuff is important! Without it, your sales funnel would be collecting a bunch of dust instead of sales!

If you want to see some more awesome examples of web pages, landing pages, and what you can do with todays modern website technology  – check out our marketing automation demo at

by now – you know what it does! Shows you a bunch of cool business stuff that you can implement in your business today if you wanted to. So check it out!

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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