3 Ways To Make Your Automation Seem Human


OK – So in the field that I’m in, and when talking to potential clients and customers I always hear

If I have all this automation, it’s going to start feeling like robots run my organization and I’ll lose the personal touch we have”

While this is a valid point – there are some sure-fire ways we can combat that (and ways that we always construct anything here at CGMA).

So, let’s talk about how to make your un-human processes seem more human.

1. Use Personalization

Anytime you can merge in personal details about someone (Email, text, mail, etc) it’s going to seem more personal. You don’t want to overdo it (because you will come across as both trying to hard, and rather creepy) but a staggered amount of calling someone by their first name, or citing a personal detail about them (maybe their city, phone number, email address, or something else) can go a long way in making it seem like there is a person physically writing them that communication on the other end.

2. Make it look like you wrote it

Sending fancy templated emails? When’s the last time you got a real email from someone that was fancy and templated with pretty HTML and graphics?

Probably never, right?

Start sending plain text emails, we’ve even gone so far as to put “Sent from my iPhone” or a casual business signature at the bottom to make it seem like it was really sent personally to them.

Again, don’t do this too often or it will feel forced. But a healthy amount can go a LONG way.

3. Talk like a friend

Lots of people running businesses get this wrong (especially tech businesses). They speak in a language that nobody else understands.

Big businesses also don a tongue that they call “corporate speak” which is a bunch of words that no one uses in real life scenarios.

If you want to make your communication feel like it was sent from a person, make sure you write it like you would be talking to a friend at the bar.

That means you are avoiding the use of big words, incorporating slang, and using personalization and short descriptions to get your point across.

This is going to feel so incredibly personalized to the person receiving it, you can surely pull a fast one over on them and use this technique again and again.

I’ve seen companies with mailing lists of half a million people still get responses from these types of emails saying “Wow, I can’t believe you took the time to write me about XYZ”

These are just a few short ways to make your automation seem less robotic, and more human. And I encourage you to think outside of the box, make it feel personal, make it feel connected, and break down that stereotypical wall between business and consumer – it will go a LONG way in your engagement in the long run.

If you want to hear some more awesome marketing automation examples and how you can use them in your business, check out our marketing automation demo at http://CGMarketingAutomation.com/Demo

It’s a live, interactive demo that goes over all kinds of cool tactics you can use in your business. Feel free to go through the demo for more ideas on how you make your automation seem more human.

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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