Being Cool Is Better Than Being Good At Your Job

(*Queue awesome shades on my face)… What’s up?

I know what you’re thinking (besides the fact that my sunglasses are awesome)

“You talk about being effective like ALL the time, now your saying being cool is better?” WHHAAAA??

Hear me out here:

For all my B2B friends out there (Or even B2C) I have a bit of advice from what I’ve personally seen and experienced.

Being cool to work with will always trump the results you get from your work.

Why do I say that?

Well, marketing, advertising, and sales – It’s all about one thing at the end of the day – Results. So I’m very familiar with the fact that if I don’t get results for someone, I don’t stay in business. So naturally we are in the business of results.

But, everyone is in the business of results. If you don’t get positive results for the job someone is paying you to do, you get let go from the job, or go out of business because nobody will buy from you.

So, results are a GIVEN. You have to give results to people or you won’t be around long.

But whats something that’s even cooler than results? Having a great customer experience.

I didn’t always do fun, engaging videos like this. I started off calling myself “Chet Gass Online Marketing” back when it was just me, a one-bedroom apartment, and a laptop.

And guess what, I was just another marketing company. I did the same things the other people did, was all about “results” and had to play the numbers game with everybody else. I had no real leg up on my competition.

Yeah, I did the marketing automation stuff, but I didn’t really promote it. I was promoting myself as a One-Stop Shop for anything marketing related.

And guess what? Competition was tough. Like, really tough.

Other bigger companies and firms would beat me out because they’ve been in business longer, had bigger clients, bigger spreadsheets, and a full marketing department. And, well, I had a laptop and a cool coffee mug.

I kept persevering, got some bigger clients, and was making my way up the ladder.

But there was something I was missing – the work I was doing wasn’t FUN.

Even when I got into the major automation builds and started labeling myself as a “Marketing Automation Consultant” and working with some really big name people – It still wasn’t quite there yet.

Something was missing – this was still inherently BORING on a day-to-day. Not so much for me, but for the client.

You know why? I was treating them like typical B2B client. All numbers, all tech, all stats. Nothing personal.

I never really discovered it I prevalent detail until I was invited to attend one of my clients retreats he was hosting in nearby St. Petersburg.

I showed up, met everyone in person (up until then I was completely remote) and had an absolute ball just hanging out and being my usual, goofy self.

  remember one of the sales reps specifically telling me “Now, when we get back to the office Monday, I don’t want to hear “Boring Chet” on the line in a unenthusiastic monotone voice, when we’re talking about our tech systems!”

That’s when it clicked for me – I was boring to work with. ME! I’m pretty funny. Ok, I’m funny at times..

Alright, I might not be that funny at all – but I knew I was much funnier than what I was when I was “Work Chet” and not “REAL Chet”.

You see – I was getting awesome results, we were automating the living crap out of their business, I increased their appointments for their sales team by 50% – I was killing it.

And yet – I was put into the category of “ehh” because I wasn’t FUN to work with.

You can get all the results in the world – but if people don’t like you, you won’t last very long. Or at the most, you’ll never stick out as anyone worth mentioning. Just a person who was good at his job.

That’s when the whole concept of CG Marketing Automation was born. Not only have I built a team around me that handles various different pieces of the automation process so I don’t have to run around like a madman and do it all myself – but I took it upon myself to do something NO OTHER marketing company is doing – Be FUN.

As I said – Results are a given. Being FUN to work with, that’s whats going to separate you from the competition.

It’s why reality stars are famous, and why no one pays attention to politics. People remember things that are entertaining and FUN.

So – don’t be a stiff. Create an experience for your customer. Be engaging, be fun, be spontaneous. At the least, be the REAL you. The stereotype that you have to show up in a suit or be “serious business” all the time to get paid and get clients is a load of BS.

Some of the most successful clients I know and some of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with did it in a T-Shirt and shorts.

I mean, look at me, I shoot blog videos around my house promoting my company in casual clothes. Because I’m being the real me (and I run this company remotely), and authenticity and realness will outperform the “business look” any day of the week with clients and customers who really matter.

And at the end of the day, don’t you want customers and clients that want to work with the real you, not the stiff, monotone, boring business version of yourself?

So – If you’ve never heard of me or my company before and want to see what we’re all about that’s so unique, I recommend you check out our Marketing Automation Demo at

It’s REALLY cool, and I did actually go into the production studio to make much more professional videos than this one (and I actually got semi-dressed up for it, because contrary to popular belief, I actually do like to dress up).

So if you haven’t been, make sure you check that out!

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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