4 Facebook Marketing HACKS

Do you run Facebook ads?

If you answered no, let me digitally shake you around and say “What’s wrong with you?”

and if you answered, yes, well then… good job!

Either way – you need to get on FB ads like yesterday, super cheap and incredibly effective.

but the world of FB ads is scary, people make it sound super difficult. And to a certain degree it is, but that’s because mainly, businesses don’t know how to properly “target” their audience.

So – let’s talk about 4 Hacks you can use to make your Facebook ad SUPER targeted.


1. Target Income Levels

Ever have a problem of getting a bunch of leads in the door of your business, only to find out they are the tire kickers. People who can’t really afford your services, just looking for the free stuff and to try to bid someone’s price down.

Well, one way around that is targeting income levels to only the income levels that your ideal customer is at. If your ideal customer makes 200k a year, then you can run ads to only those who make 200k and above. That means ALL The other people that couldn’t afford your service, won’t even see your ad, your only showing that ad to people who could afford what you sell. Perfect.

2. Purchase Habits

Own a retail store – maybe you want to target people who have a tendency to shop a lot at retail stores? well you can do that!

sell online – maybe you want to target people who spend more than the average person for online goods? you can target that as well!

Purchase and buying habits is one of the overlooked holy grails of Facebook targeting. It’s like reading the mind of what people like to buy, and showing them ads based on what they like to buy. I don’t even need to explain this one any more.

3. Targeting Business Owners

Do you do B2B? well, one of the difficult things is targeting business owners.

There is one fantastic way around this however that is super accurate, target page admins and owners.

you have the ability to target people only who are admin of a page. But think about it, most businesses have a Facebook page, and guess who usually is the admin of that page.. the business owner.

BAM – that’s your in right there. This is a super effective way to target business owners.


Ok, this really isn’t a hack, but continuously  TEST your ad. The types of things you say, the image or video your ad has, moving things around, it all will play a part in how many people take the action you want them to take.

I’ve had instances where changing a color of a link in an email from “kinda blue” to “true blue” has resulted in more people taking action with that link.

The same concept applies with ads, especially if your using image ads, the types of images you use, and the way it’s laid out.

ALWAYS test and try to beat your best preforming ad, because you’ll be amazing how incredibly effective your ads will become when you always try to one-up the one that’s already working.


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Until next time!

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