How To Be More Efficient While Working

So – you want to be more effective with your time, huh?

Well you’re in luck, because I have just the tool that is going to transparently show you just HOW effective you are, WHERE you’re Not being effective, and what you need to do to change it so you can be MORE effective.

Now you hear me rant and rant about how I want to save you TIME. time is the worlds biggest commodity and unlike money, you can’t make time, you get what you get.

So – you want to make sure that any time you’re spending working on your business and building something is the fastest and most effective it can be, right?

Well i’m here to talk about a little tool I started recently using to really analyze MY time, and how effective I was actually being as the “efficiency and automation professional”

And what I found was – yeah.. I got A LOT of room for improvement.

I grabbed a tool called RescueTime.

Now this tool is free, works for Mac or PC. There is a paid version with some even better features I’ll talk about in a sec, but let’s go over what the free version gives you.

Basically in a nutshell, you install this on your computer, and it’s always running in the background. whatever window you have on your computer is tracked, documented, and put into categories from “Extremely productive” to “what the heck are you doing with your time right now dude?”

And at any time, you can log in, see your “productivity score” and a detailed, but easy to read report on how your spending your time.

Now sometimes it doesn’t get all of the sites right. Like for example it might mark “facebook” as unproductive, but if your working on FB ads, you would want to mark that as productive.

So they give you the ability to easily change anything on the fly, and edit the sorting criteria to what works for YOU. And you can do it as you go as well, so you don’t have to worry about sitting there and trying to figure out “well sometimes I go to this site and so I can mark it as X, and blah blah blah” just sort your criteria as it comes up, and eventually it will learn your behaviors and what is actually productive for you.

So now – imagine just going throughout a week of work and finding out “oh my most productive hours of work are 8-11 AM from my reports, but I’m spending all that time answering emails. Or I spent an exorbitant amount of time watching funny cat youtube videos or tweeting this week. Or at about 4:30 pm every day, it seems my focus drops looking at the types of sites and work I’m doing”

That’s pretty powerful right? Of course it is. It’s an honest, no holds barred replication of what you spent your time on. That’s the only way to truly find out if your being effective as you think you, and if you aren’t, where your weak spots are so you can fix it.

All in nice, easy to read graphs. Which is good for me because I’m not very good at reading numbers. I do try to “one-up” my productivity score every day as well, that’s a fun little side game for me.

And, if you want to throw them $9/mo, they give you a bunch of other really cool features that I love, such as:

FocusTime: Lets you block ANY sites you deem unproductive for a period of time. That means if you have a habit of drifting to Facebook or Youtube, it won’t even let you access the site for the period of time you set.

Customized reminders and alerts: maybe you set a goal to only answer 5 hours of email a week, well when you get near that criteria, you can set yourself a reminder saying “hey, you only have 1 hour of allowed email time for this week!” This is really helped me in my ability to stay on track for the goals that I set out every single week.

OpenAPI – meaning you can tie it in with other programs. Maybe you want to install it on your employees computers and have it send you notifications any time they drift off to a social media site for more than 10 minutes while they’re on the clock, or when someone is doing a bang up job and have reached a 70% or higher productivity score… you have the ability to make it talk to other systems (which is always a big plus for me!)

And then they give you a bunch more useful reports and search functions to get as granular with your time as you want.

I’m all about things that will ultimately be a benefit, and learning HOW your spending your time and fixing it, is the #1 thing you can do to create more success in your business and life.

That’s why I so heavily endorse this product. And you know we don’t get paid to sponsor anything we talk about, we just talk about it because we like it and it’s useful.

And this tool, certainly falls in that category.

SO – just click on the above link and get the free version and analyze how your spending your time, and the fact that your probably a bit nervous about seeing all that data on how you spend your time, means that it’s definitely something you need to pick up.

AND – if you REALLY want to see some of the cool stuff you can do with modern day technology and you haven’t done it already, make sure you go through our marketing automation demo at

It’s the kind of stuff we build every single day for our clients, its incredibly cool and is the only place where you can see HOW marketing automation works, and what it can do for your business. So, make sure to check that out!

Talk soon!

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