5 Segmentations Tips For Marketing Automation

So, you want to create a personalized experience for your customers, clients, or prospects, but you need some help with the segmentation, huh?

I mean – how in the world do you actually identify WHERE people should go?

How do you know when to send them down a specific path, or.. how in the world do you even know when to segment and when to not segment?

(That is the question)

Well today, I want to go over 5 quick tips you can use to start using segmentation in your automated marketing – let’s do it!

1. Start Simple

Before you can run, you must walk, and before that you must crawl.. and before that well you’re pretty much just pooping in diapers and slobbering all over stuff… which is where your automated marketing is right now.

But fear not! because we’re gonna teach you how to crawl!

The key here is to start small. If you have two products, have a path for product 1, and a path for product 2. Maybe just change a little bit of your language around, edit the emails slightly, keep 95% of it the same. Just change those few little bits that will make it personalized.

If you sell LOTS of products or services, just break it down into 2 or 3 major categories and see how that goes. The point is to start small, figure out what’s producing results, and grow from there.

2. Use Personalization Merging

Most email marketing automation platforms have something called personalization. Meaning whatever data they provide you, you can then put in your email.

Something like “Hey, John!” is going to go a lot better than “Hey, loyal customer”.. that just screams robot and is a good way to get you sent to the gmail promotions tab, or worse..

The SPAM Folder… yuck.

3. Short and sweet

Don’t drag out your emails, because no one likes to read long emails. Ever heard about the 5 sentences or less rule? A lot of business owners that write a lot of email use it, so implement something similar for your marketing, especially because it’s going to be more personalized, that means you don’t have to write as much.

No, it doesn’t have to be 5 sentences or less, but don’t write a novel. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. No more, no less.

4. Don’t Overdo It

Here at CG Marketing Automation, our emails and marketing are pretty overkill for one specific reason – we transparently show you how to use marketing automation through live examples. Meaning we have to go over the top to show you the possibilities.

The truth is, segmentation is effective, but only in rare cases to you need to automate the living bejesus out of something.

Keep all of the technicals in your tracking, keep the marketing fairly broad (as a general rule). It’s ok to be super-granular in your tracking, in fact I highly endorse that you do just that. With great data comes great ROI. With incredibly personalized marketing, might come restraining orders….

So… yeah… keep it a bit broad. 🙂

5. The Rule of 3

I Always use this, specifically when constructing emails campaigns. Keep in mind, only 20-30% of people open your emails (on average), so sending 3 emails will generally ensure by statistics that at least everyone will get to see your email once.

So, when starting a new segmentation path, keep in mind the rule of 3 – the spacing is up to you but generally we space out the emails 1-2 days each. If it’s a month long campaign, run it over one month, spaced in 3.

If you need more emails, you can always write more – but you want to avoid bombarding people with emails, otherwise they will stop listening to you, or worse, mark you as spam. And you definitely do not want that!

Those are some of my top 5 tips when it comes to segmenting your automated marketing campaigns!

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That’s all I got for this post, take care and talk to you soon!

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