3 Automated Email Campaigns (For Dummies)

So you want to implement some automated email campaigns, but you have no freaking clue where to start, huh?

Well, good news for you, because we’re going over 3 automated email campaigns for dummies.

and to be clear, I’m not implying your a dummy, but these are so easy that even in the unfortunate circumstance that you were a dummy, you can still use these in your business and get sales.

And that’s good news for everybody!.. especially the dummies.

SO, let’s get cracking.

If your a business, odds are somewhere you have a list of customers, right? About 95% of businesses I talk to, say “yeah I have a list of some names, emails, some phone numbers, etc” Maybe a few hundred, couple thousand, whatever you’ve accumulated over the years.

OK so here’s the pre-steps you need to start your 3 campaigns:

1. Pick yourself up an email marketing platform. If you don’t know which one to grab and you have a list of under 20K people, I would recommend a little program called ActiveCampaign, I have that linked below. It’s cheap and super easy to use, their will be a blog all about AC in the near future. As well, they have a super robust training library to show you how to build everything you need to build, it’s really easy and intuitive.

2. Take your list of customers and put it into some kind of spreadsheet. If you don’t have your customer list on a spreadsheet in an online format and don’t want to spend hours doing it yourself, get your employee to do it. If you don’t want THEM to spend hours on it, go to a site called upwork.com and hire a Virtual Assistant to copy it over for you, it’s super cheap to get it done. Whichever way you go about it, we need to make sure we have a spreadsheet of your customers on a computer. Including at least their email, name and phone is optional but recommended.

Then we just load our email list into our email marketing platform, whether that’s AC or whatever program you’re using.

Now lets talk about the types of campaigns you can run.

1. First Time Customer

Anytime someone new comes in the door, send them an automated email sequence saying “Hey, thanks for becoming a new customer of X, here’s 20% off your next order if you use it within the next 30 days” Or “here’s a free XYZ curtesy of you shopping with us” or whatever you want your offer to be. The point is they are new, and you want to hook them into your business by getting them to buy within a timeframe. It’s important to put a deadline on the offer, and the offer needs to be something worthwhile. If it’s 5% off a $10 product, that’s not something that’s going to suck anyone in besides the coupon-clippers (which aren’t your ideal customers anyway, but heck that’s a whole other topic) remember, hard deadline, good deal. Usually we send 3 emails for a 30 day timeframe, day 1, day 15, and day 25. It’s important to send more than one, the rule of 3 automated emails in sequences is always a good place to start. Get them to come in again, establish that relationship, and have them start to get used to frequenting your business.

2. Lost Customer

If someone hasn’t visited your biz for 6 months, send them a sequence saying “Hey, we miss you” and give them a coupon to come back. “20% off X, or 10% off the entire category of Y” again, something that’s valuable enough to get them to come back. Then when they DO come back, treat them like royalty. These people are a more difficult sell because they “forgot” about you, so you need to impress them to bring them back on the team “Your Biz” a 30 day sequence ranging 3 emails on the same timeframe as before usually works well.

3. Birthday

Do you collect birthdays (or even their birthday month)? even if you don’t, you can start today (and I would highly recommend it!) When it’s someones birthday, send them an email sequence saying “Happy Birthday X! During this whole month, we’re giving you 20% off to celebrate YOU!” Birthday campaigns KILL it every time you run them, especially in restaurant and dining industries because they bring all their friends to eat with a big outing. But, it works in pretty much everything else we’ve ran it with as well. run it the entire month, 3 emails spaced the same days apart.

So there you go – you now have 3 killer automated email campaigns you can set up one time and then run 24/7, 365 to bring in automated sales.

How cool is that? Way cool.

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