Mastering The Sales Funnel – Ep. #1 – Traffic


So you want a master sales funnel?

The kind that converts cold traffic into repeat, buying customers?

The kind that turns water into wine?

The kind takes the “im” out of impossible?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Being in the marketing automation space, sales funnels is basically what we do day in and day out. In some form or fashion, we are creating funnels that sell products or services in a variety of ways.

And so this is the kickoff of the “Mastering The Sales Funnel” series – by the end of this, you’ll have so much sales funnel knowledge, you won’t know what to do with yourself. (However, we recommend if your looking for something to do with your knowledge, you apply what you know to make money! That seems to always work out for people)

So – what’s the first step to this magical sales funnel?


Yes, before we even talk about sales funnels, I need to discuss traffic with you. Because if no one is coming to your sales funnel, well, then it’s not going to be very valuable to you now is it?

So, let’s talk traffic.

There is all sorts of way to get someone into a sales funnel, but here are the most common

  1. Paid Traffic
  2. Inbound Leads
  3. Outbound Leads
  4. Purchased Lists

So lets dive a bit into each one, and how it relates to a sales funnel:

1. Paid Traffic

This is by far the most common. People purchase ad space (usually online) and the people who click on those ads get driven to a page (the start of your masterful funnel). They then “opt-in” (giving you information in exchange for whatever you are promising them) and they are in your magical funnel. You have their contact details so you can start sending them marketing.

Now, there’s a lot of steps in that (and we’ll get to those in later videos) but lets understand the traffic portion a bit.

Paid Traffic is the most targeted you can usually get. Meaning you can run ads on places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Banner, etc.. and show ads ONLY to people who meet specific criteria (You can target just about anything relating to their online behavior). You can pay per impression (how many people you show it to), you can pay per click (how many people click your ad), and other methods as well.

Paid Traffic is usually pretty competitive (since it’s so targeted and powerful), and also very difficult to learn. You’ll more than likely need to hire an expert or agency in the type of program you want to run ads for (such as a Google Adwords expert, or a Facebook Ads expert).

2. Inbound Leads

These are people searching for you on Google, calling you on the phone, actively seeking you out. You can put them into your funnel by having them fill out info on a specific page, manual entry (having a sales rep enter their info into your system manually) or even by doing other online actives (such as booking an appointment through an automated appointment booking software on your website or similar).

These types of leads can vary, but generally speaking if they are seeking YOU out, you won’t have to do as much “convincing” in your sales funnel, and you can get straight to the point (closing the sale).

3. Outbound Leads

Leads YOU are actively seeking out. Through your email list, on the phone, in person, etc… there’s lots of ways to curate these leads.

Since you’re seeking them out, they will usually need some “romance” to get them interested in the product or service you are selling, so a slightly more robust funnel for these leads is usually pretty common.

4. Purchased Lists

You can pay for companies that have huge databases of certain types of people to mail your offers.

Basically, leverage someone else’s mass amount of contacts and send them your offers.

Depending on the agency, the payment strategy will differ. Since your dealing on a smaller B2B level, you have much more room for negotiations.

However, this is usually a pretty low-return method. Because these lists get hammered with offers all the time (because your not the only business who sends to these individuals), many times you have to send large amounts of volume to get the return you want. Depending on the “health” of the list, your ROI’s can vary.

Generally you send your offers to a landing page, something we’ll talk about in an upcoming video.

With all of these audiences and traffic mediums, it’s important to make sure of one thing:

Make sure your offer aligns with your traffic.

There is NO sense in sending an offer for baldness medication to 20-30 females. Even if you might be missing out on a few sales from a select group of people who meet the criteria and would be interested, your MUCH better off using your money on the most targeted advertising methods.

Because the advertising game has changed so much, it’s not about getting in front of as many people as possible (like with radio, TV, billboard, etc)…

When it comes to driving traffic into a sales funnel, it’s all about how targeted you can get your advertising to ONLY show to the people who will most definitely be interested in your offer.

If you want to learn more about the advanced advertising methods out there in todays modern marketing world, make sure you check out our demo at

There is a specific section in our demo where I talk in-depth about driving traffic, targeting, and the mind-blowingly crazy things you can target. Seriously, it’s INSANE the types of behaviors, interests, and demographic information you can use to advertise your business in front of the right eyeballs.

So make sure you check that out!

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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