Mastering The Sales Funnel – Ep. #2 – Offer


Welcome back to the Mastering the sales funnel series!

If you haven’t watched/read the other pieces in the series, you can get started by clicking here to start from the beginning.

However, we are pretty close to the beginning right now!

We’ve focused before on traffic, so you now know the different traffic sources and abilities to get people TO your funnel… but now we actually have to get people IN your funnel.

But many people are focused on the page that we use to get prospects to opt-in (or give you their information).

However, people don’t just opt-in willy nilly. You need to have a solid reason for them to give you their email address or phone number.

Think of it like a trade – They are giving you their contact details, and in return, you have to give them something of equal or greater value for them to stay happy and content with what they’ve received from you!

It’s also important to note that this is more than likely the first time they’re dealing with your business, so you want to make a killer first impression by just knocking them over the head with value, right?


So today, we’re focusing on the offer. How to construct an offer that will get people into your funnel.

Now – the essence of an opt-in offer is something that is basically free (meaning it doesn’t cost any monetary value).

There are a couple ways to position your offer:

1. As a trade

2. As completely free

Let me go over the differences of each

1. As A Trade – Much like we just talked about, all you have to do is enter your email address (or phone number, address, whatever details you would like to collect) and in return I’ll send you XYZ offer. This is great because it’s not attracting the prospects that I like to call “tire-kickers”… Meaning the type of prospects that are only looking for free stuff. Usually with a trade, you are insinuating that what you’re giving is worth something, in which people who are more likely to spend money will “trade” you for it.

The downside is – you’re not going to get as many initial opt-ins, especially if the traffic is cold (meaning they haven’t heard of you before, or this is their first exposure to your business). But, the quality of opt-ins will be better and you can get to the sale a lot quicker in the pipeline and can treat these leads differently than the 2nd.

2. As Completely Free – This is what a lot of people do when creating funnels. They say “we’ll give you XYZ completely free, all you have to do is provide us an e-mail address to send you the XYZ offer”. This attracts people of all types because it’s a no-risk offer.

I mean, who doesn’t like something for free?

The problem with this is, you’re establishing out of the gate that you love to give out free stuff, and people who flock towards free stuff generally don’t purchase as much, or are, at the least, going to be a harder sell.

The upside is, you can get a lot of volume through this method, then you can treat them accordingly in the sales funnel to put them down the correct path, so if you know what you’re doing and don’t mind a longer funnel process, can sometimes convert more than the first method.

So which do I prefer? It’s a trade-off depending on the industry and type of funnel I’m creating.

So how do you find out which method works best? Test it! With pages, we have the wonderful option to split test (which we will talk about in the next video), so create a structure for one of each until you understand your audience inside and out.

Now that we have our structure, let’s talk about the offer itself.

The most popular physical deliveries of the offer are

– Video Series

– Webinars

– Free PDF Reports

The offer you give should make the prospect think this thought after using/consuming it:

“WOW, that gave me the best results in the shortest amount of time possible! If this is what they can do for me for free, I can’t imagine what their products & services are like!”

Now obviously not everyone will have this exact thought, but when constructing your offer, create something that will give someone the best results in the quickest amount of time.

Often times if your selling a product or service at the end of your funnel, taking a piece and using that as the offer will be a great lead in, and a great way to transition into selling your product down the line (e.i. If you loved module one of our XYZ program, you might be interested in the full package where we do A,B, and C)

Now obviously you can’t give them something too valuable, but you should be OK with giving something away that is at least 10 TIMES the amount of value you payed for it. Meaning you got an e-mail address and contact information of a prospect, you’re offer should be at least 10x the value of that (whatever that means to you).

This often means giving away some of the best pieces of your product or service for free, and that’s ok. You want someone to fall in love with your business.

It’s like a movie trailer – they always use the best, most riveting clips all stuck together to entice the viewer. Does it reveal the whole movie? No. Do you get a good feel for what the movie is going to be like and what it’s going to include? Absolutely.

Your offer should be like a movie trailer – short, attention grabbing: A small montage of the best of the best.

The whole point is giving just enough to hook the prospect on the line for more. A good lead-in offer will do all the selling for you.

In the next part of the series we’re going to be talking about the initial opt-in page! How to construct one that is awesome, high converting, and sucks people into the offer.

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That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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