Why Do We Have SO Many Videos?

I got a question the other day on social media from a guy who said,

“Love your business and site, but why do you use so many videos?”

It’s a good question – Because we do A LOT of videos.

I’ll answer that for you right now!

Obviously, making a choice to be a video-prominent marketing company was something I was taking into consideration for a LONG time.

I mean, every other company out there puts their stuff in text, and they get customers. And at the end of the day, that’s WAY easier to do than to sit in front of a camera and record all this stuff.

And if for all my professional marketing efforts, I need to get a high end camera, nice lights, a professional backdrop. Need to learn how to work it myself if I’m operating it from home, or hire a camera crew to come film it.

Then I need to write scripts, so I’m basically writing everything anyway, but then I need to get in front of a camera, and memorize it, deliver it, and not look like a total fool doing so!

On top of that, we literally have videos for almost every page of our website where I or one of our professional actors walks you through the page and/or talks to you in some form or fashion.

And you have to take into consideration all the automation we do on the backend, so when people reach certain criteria in our site, we show them different videos and pages, meaning MORE things we needed to develop

So, seems like a REALLY long walk for a short drink of water, right?

Sure, at face value it does. But I’ll give you a bit deeper insight to why we do it.

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know that I am very transparent in the way we do our marketing and advertising, so we can show people what works and what doesn’t when it comes to automation.

But this is something that is definitely NOT automated – I need to create all these videos or hire someone to do it. If anything it’s the OPPOSITE of automated, especially since all the other companies are doing text and word materials.

So, let me peel back the curtain a bit and give you some insight as to why we chose this method:

Reason #1. The world is moving towards video. It’s true, people still read. But whens the last time you saw a bookstore as packed as a movie theater? Probably never, because the world likes video.

In fact, the human eye is naturally drawn to movement, its a deep psychological programming fact that we will always consume video better than word and written, because it’s moving, and our brains are automatically stimulated by it.

And theres only more and more video coming out in todays world. Apps, Systems, Programs – I follow tech trends VERY heavily and every day I hear about a new video based something-or-other.

Reason #2. You are viewed as more credible and authentic.

If you went to a website and saw a professional video of a doctor talking about chiropractic care, vs. going to another website and saw just text talking about chiropractic care – who would you want to crack your back more.

Right, the guy with the video. Videos create credibility.

People like to relate to other people, especially if they are giving over their hard-earned money in a business transaction.

Video is almost like a way to try before you buy. You can see and size-up who you’re working with before you even hand over money. You need people to like you before they will buy anything from you. And if your a business without a “face” for your company, you need to create a personalized theme. Take a look at Geico, Coca Cola, or Progressive. They’ve all added relatable human elements to their marketing to give their brand a “face”. This is not by accident, but by design.

And finally Reason #3 – Because nobody else is doing it.

When I started in the world of Internet Marketing, there are lots of “pros” out there telling you how to do it. They would all say to go into the areas that are proven to make money, and do what all the pros are doing, so you can get a piece of the pie too.

Well, what happens when there are 20 pros and only 15 pieces of pie?

When you have a company that is the same as everyone else, in a niche that everyone else is doing – what separates you, Pro #21, from the other Pros in the space?

Nothing – hence the reason Chet Gass Online Marketing was a big, fat, turd that never grew past a certain point.

I was just another marketing pro.

I started promoting video-heavy because people like it, and no one is taking the time to do it.

You know why no one is taking the time? Cuz it’s a lot of F**king work! Filming these videos is no walk in the park when you are juggling a million other things. And every time we roll out a new marketing avenue or campaign, that’s a ton more work for me and/or my actors – but we do it.

Why? Because no one else is taking that level of detail into what they are doing, and we are. One of our Unique Selling Propositions.

So – If you want to see our videos in action and me explaining what we are really, really good at, take a look at our marketing automation demo at http://CGMarketingAutomation.com/Demo

If you are a business owner and like systems and programs set up that make you money and saving you time automatically, while you don’t have to touch a thing, than this is a demo you HAVE to check out.

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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