How To Send Automated Texts


So, you need to learn how to send these magical automated texts, huh?

Maybe you got one from a company and thought “That’s pretty cool, why am I not doing that in my business?”

Or you saw our marketing automation demo where we sent you a personalized automated text message like voodoo magic.

Either way – SMS text marketing is the bees knees. All the cool kids right now are doing it. So here’s a couple ways you can set it up.

1. Text Opt-Ins

There’s a bunch of programs out there that are opt-in text services. The one I usually recommend for businesses is EZTexting. It’s an awesome program that has one universal number (313131) and you can text specific words or phrases to that number to opt-in to specific campaigns or promotions.

For example “Hey! We’re running a promotion from now until the end of this video! We’re giving away 2 computers for the price of 1! Text the word MAC to 313131 to get in on this special deal while supplies last!”

Now obviously that’s not a real promotion, so if you text Mac to that number I can’t guarantee what you will get – but I can bet it’s probably not going to be 2 computers.

2. Automated Reminder Texts

Let’s say you have a consultation scheduled with a client. You can send text reminders, giving them the time and the day they signed up.

What you’ll need is an appointment scheduling program, a program called Zapier, and a program called Twillio.

First step is to make sure the appointment scheduling program has a Zapier connection. Most I’ve seen do, even if you use something as simple as Google Calendar or Outlook. It’s pretty easy to find out once you sign up for a free account.

Next, follow their step-by-step instructions to set up a rule that every time a new appointment is booked, it will send out a text in twillio. Everything in Zapier is step-by-step so this shouldn’t be too crazy complex.

The last step is to set up your twillio account. You’ll need to get a number through their service (which I think is like $1/yr or something very miniscule.) And purchase a bulk amount of texts (they have an auto-filling service so you don’t have to worry about running out) and you’re set to go!

3. When people take certain actions on your website.

Let’s say you want to send someone a follow up text if they view a specific page. Maybe you want to send a promotion if they haven’t been on your website in 6 months. Or maybe you just want to check up on them and make sure they got home for dinner alright.

Any way you go about it, you can trigger texts just like anything else through the power of Marketing Automation.

However – I will say that this one is complex to do. So if you don’t have a tech genius at your disposal, it might be difficult to figure out (Or you could always contact us… ahem..shamless plug..)

You need some sort of site tracking program. Some marketing automation softwares have their own built in (Like ActiveCampaign)… Others you would have to purchase separately.

Next you have to tie those into a middle-man program like Zapier or something similar, or tie it directly into the texting software itself.

The easiest method I can recommend is using ActiveCampaign for site tracking, Zapier for the middle-man, and Twillio for the texts.

So basically in the same way as you did #2, you would create a rule that states “If person visits X page, send him Y text”

Obviously this is a dumbed down version of what you need to do, but nothing we’re talking about here should take programmer knowledge. If you can make your way around 50% of a computer, you should be good with this!

Remember, almost ALL texts sent to a phone get read, (whereas only 30% of emails get read, on a good day, much less with direct mail).

So texting can be powerful. And now you have the knowledge to use it!

And if you want to see a live example of this in action, check out our marketing automation demo at

We’ll show you first-hand how to do all this crazy automation texting stuff, and even give live examples sent to your phone, and show you different ways you could use it in your business.

If you’re after the next big thing in your marketing, this would be it!!

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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