5 BEST Email Subject Lines


“Nigerian Prince wants to send me 5 Million Dollars! Don’t see how I can go wrong with that”

Email subject lines can be tricky. Dealing with Marketing Automation day in and day out, we know a lot about email marketing since it plays such a prominent role in what we do.

Even though e-mail may seem outdated, a lot of people still check it regularly. In fact about 91% of users still check their email at least once a day on their smartphone.

Ahem… notice how I said phone. The desktop and laptop is slowly dying a slow death for communication and being overshadowed by a much small nemesis – the phone.

So your emails need to be mobile-friendly, as well as having short subject lines that fit into a regular smartphone viewer screen.

So let’s dive in.

1. Numbered Lists

Wondered why this video is called 5 Email Subject Lines? Because there is something about a numbered list that gets people hooked in better than almost ANY other subject line devised in history.

Just look at news sites like Buzzfeed, basically every one of their headlines is a numbered list of “The 10 Times Beyonce Proved She’s The Greatest Ever” or similar.

It’s not by accident, it’s a proven concept. So start using it!

2. How To

How To Tie Your Shoes… How To Scoop Ice Cream… How To Write An Article About Beyonce… all “how to’s”, and they all convert amazingly.

How To’s are another subject line that tells you all you need to know in the shortest amount of words possible (which is all we’re trying to do at the end of the day, right?)

3. Personalized

Chet, Your Bonus Awaits”

How cool is that, this company knows my name! Personalized email subject lines are awesome, it brings a level of connectivity that you cannot achieve with the previous two.

As well – EVERY email marketing software out there allows for personalization, especially with first name at least. You can just import a spreadsheet of contacts with names and emails, put in their special merge field when you go to send out the email – and you’re all set to go!

4. They XYZ, But Then ABC.

We’ve all seen those headlines on banner ads “They all laughed at me when I listened to Beyonce, but when I started dancing everyones jaws hit the floor…”

Now while no one’s jaws would be hitting the floor if I started dancing, the principal remains the same and there is a reason these headlines are so widely used… They are effective!

The principal is They *gave some sort of reaction*, But when *I did XYZ, they’re reaction flipped 180*

Use it in your next email subject line and watch the open rate sky-rocket!

5. Random-A** Stuff

If you want your email to get opened, this is a sure-fire way to do it. Putting subject lines that no one in their right mind would put is a great way to get your email opened up. Keep in mind your email needs to be somewhat relative to the subject line, or at least addressing the fact that you had a random subject line like “My Grandma’s Thoughts on Crips vs. Bloods”.

Otherwise it will get opened, but not read. Which means people won’t take action in your email, and you have a much lower chance of getting your future emails read again.

Single word subject lines do well here.. as well with the rise of Emoji’s with smartphones, Emoji subject lines are starting to become very popular and very effective.

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That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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