3 Reasons Your Website Sucks

So, your website sucks, huh?

Ok It might not suck, you might think it’s a total rockstar.

It might look like the gods reincarnated Michael Angelo himself to painstakingly craft that masterpiece of HTML and CSS goodness.

However – how much business is that website responsible for?

How much money does it make you each day? How much of the selling of your products and services does it do for you?

OR – are you like the millions of other business owners, and just have a website thats…well.. “ehh”.

That’s OK – because I’m going to show you 3 reasons WHY it might not be doing the best, and how to fix it so it can spread it’s little website wings and fly into the stratospheres of scalability.


1. Your Mobile Website Stinks

You know that over 50% of people who view your website, view it on a mobile device, right?

In fact – it’s quite a bit higher for most businesses, especially if you run any kind of paid traffic ads or promote your website on a regular basis.

and it’s ESPECIALLY prevalent if you rely on SEO and Google for people to stumble upon you.

Having a site that is not optimized for this tiny little screen will KILL your conversion rates. In fact upwards to over 80% of people just leave a website straight-away if it doesn’t look good on their phone, or if it takes over 5 seconds to load. (Because in a world of 5G internet, ain’t nobody got time for that)

You need a simplified, easy to read version of your website with nice big text and nice, big, clickable buttons.

If you’re thinking “Chet, I just paid a fortune for my website, I don’t have any more cash to build a mobile version of it” There is a fantastic site called DudaMobile.

They have a SUPER EASY mobile website builder. Drag and drop, a 5 year old with no technical experience could make something that looks amazing on that platform.

And – the system does half of the work by creating a mobile version of your website as soon as you load it in, you just gotta make a few little tweaks to make sure it looks exactly right and BAM, your new mobile site is ready to go. It’s like $10/mo max too, incredible deal.


2. You Got Too Much Going On

You know what really grinds my gears / gives me a panic attack? Sites that are throwing 10 million things at me.

Each page on your website should have ONE goal. Yes, ONE. Not 2, not 3, not 10, just one. Don’t ask people to read your blog, sign up for your newsletter, check out your latest product, download your ebook, and watch this video all at the same time. That’s information overload.

When your website is set up as a streamlined system, taking a person through an experience one step at a time, with only ONE goal per page – it’s very easy to direct someone through the path you want them to take.

Focus on each page only promoting ONE thing, and create an experience with multiple paths within your website, sometimes it’s ok to give them a choice between A/B if you must, but as a general rule, try to stick with ONE goal.

3. I Have To Scroll To Get To The Good Stuff

Ever heard of the phrase “Above the fold?”.

Here is a picture of what that looks like. When you pull up a site, everything you see WITHOUT having to scroll down is referred to “The Fold”. Anything you have to scroll to get to, is below the fold, anything above that, is above the fold.

For 75-80% of new people that come to your website, they are making a decision about whether or not they are going to stay on your site, purely predicated on what’s going on above the fold.

Almost 25% of people either take action above the fold, or just leave altogether. So, you need to make sure your “above the fold” is a converting machine.

Now, that’s not very much real estate you get, and it’s going to differ with screen sizes. For example, you got a lot more you could fit into a 27” desktop computer monitor than a 5” mobile screen, so you have to plan accordingly in how your responsive site operates (FYI – I’m assuming you have a responsive site. If you don’t, go get one like RIGHT NOW because it’s not 1998 anymore)

For desktop, there’s some ways around fitting more into the fold. One popular method is sliders. Another one is video (which is what we use for our home page) The point is, rope people in, because for a huge portion of people, that’s the only thing they are going to use to judge whether or not they are going to spend any amount of time on your website.

And there you go – you now have 3 tricks you can use to make your website… well, not suck!

And if you enjoy your website not sucking – and you want to see how you can not only make your website not suck, but your marketing and advertising not suck, make sure to check out our marketing automation demo at http://CGMarketingautomation.com/Demo

Because not only do we show you a bunch of cool things you can do with your website (that will make you more money and sales)… but we show you how you can use marketing automation within your website to make your online website a selling machine. We show you some REALLY cool stuff, so if your a business owner who is thinking about making their website not suck (which it sounds like you are!), then make sure you check that out!

That’s it for this post guys, see you soon!

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