3 Reasons You NEED Marketing Automation (Like… Yesterday)

Word on the street is your Marketing Automation isn’t implemented yet..

Ok that might not be the case, you might have better marketing automation than us! (ehh, but I doubt that. We’ve got a LOT of nerds over here)

But the bottom line is – you need, need, NEED Marketing Automation in your life.

Without it, you and/or your employees are doing a bunch of stuff that they don’t need to do!

That’s right, you are literally wasting time.

And you are aware that time is the only commodity in the world you can’t acquire more of, right?

So – let’s talk about WHY you need to get some of that automated goodness in your life so you can get more of that precious time back!


1. Marketing Automation is one of the fastest growth trends in business today.

It’s no secret that the internet has basically taken over our lives. With that, technology is everywhere we look.

What’s that? You don’t need technology? Well let me just smash that smartphone of yours and we’ll see how long you last before you lose your mind!

possible automation exists everywhere. Phones, Computers, Tablets, TV, Appliances, etc. There is a new piece of technology aimed at saving time that is invented Every. Single. Day.

Don’t believe me? Watch shows like Shark Tank for a day and you’ll see the vast amount of new business cropping up with crazy gadgets, softwares, apps, and systems that all save people’s time.

Marketing Automation is taking over the world of business as we know it – In todays world there are businesses that are completely automated – meaning there doesn’t even need to be a single employee running the business and they are profit machines. Often times these are run by a single entrepreneur or a small group or team.

If you can build multi-million dollar businesses today that completely leverage tech to do ALL the work for you – why haven’t you implemented at least some of these things in your business?

There really is no excuse huh? 🙂


2. Marketing Automation makes your business scaleable or sellable

Having a hard time breaking a certain income ceiling? Maybe your trying to offload your business but it’s just too hectic to sell at this point.

Marketing Automation not only takes care of the workload, it will also force you to systemize your business and operations.

Let’s face it – lots of businesses are run very messy on a day-to-day. Standard operating procedures often get thrown out the window in order to accommodate a customer or whatever is “easiest” at the time.

This leads to processes being done differently every time, which makes things darn near impossible to automate.

If this runs throughout the company, suddenly you have no consistency or correlation – thus making the business appear messy, even if it’s running fairly well or profitable. 

Implementing marketing automation is going to force you to construct the best converting systems into your business, and since it’s automated, has to run the same every single time.

When you build these consistencies and habits in your business, all the sudden you morph from messy to running a well-oiled machine – something that is very attractive to potential buyers.

creating these systems can also cause you to scale your business, by eliminating time you were spending creating business profit that is now automated, you can focus your time growing and scaling, as long as you have the solid automated infrastructure to back it up.


3. Marketing Automation saves YOU time.

I might beat this principal like a dead horse, but it’s probably the most important lesson I give out, therefor I don’t mind sounding like a broken record!

Implementing systems to do work for you, or offload work from your shoulders is always worth it – because that system is not only generating you profit, it’s saving you TIME.

Time is the worlds most valuable commodity, it’s the ONLY thing in the world you cannot simply acquire more of.

You are given a set amount of time, and after that, well… Business, money, profit, empires…

They don’t really matter anymore because your six feet under.

So you want to spend the most of your time doing things you absolutely LOVE, right?

And unless your biggest passion and enjoyment in life is the daily drudges of running your own organization, you would probably love more time to just kick back and relax, spend time with friends and family, or working on things that will grow your business – right?



So, implement marketing automation that will take workload off your shoulders, and allow you to spend time on more profit-generating activities, or more time relaxing! (however you appropriately deem your new-found time spent)

If you want to learn about how marketing automation works, and more importantly, how you can get your hands on it and use it in your business, check out our Marketing Automation demo at http://CGMarketingAutomation.com/Demo

It’s a super cool live, interactive demo that shows you first hand how marketing automation works, and all of the mind-blowingly cool things you can do with it.

If your a business owner who wants more TIME in your day, I’d highly recommend you check that out!

That’s all for this post, see you soon!

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