So what’s CG Marketing Automation All About, Anyway?

CG Marketing Automation all started with Chet Gass, an entrepreneur with a dream to create a world where things were just a bit easier for everyone. You see, every other marketing and advertising agency out there is focused on one thing and one thing only – money. And while money makes the businesses go ’round, it’s not necessarily what makes the WORLD go around.

Time is our most precious gift in the world. Without time, you’d have no money, no business, or frankly no life. People slave away each day, grinding till their bones are worn down, all to make as much money and success as possible – but at the end of the day having no time to appreciate it.

So, Chet started on the path of discovering a way to maximize the efficiency of working your tailbone off… along with the ability to gain your time back. And what he discovered was a process called “Automation”.

Chet spent several years as an independent marketing automation consultant, working with a slew of clients from astronomically successful, all the way down to just starting out – and after hundreds of projects, working across various different systems and programs and apps, became intimately familiar with the types of campaigns and systems that can do what seemed impossible to everyone else – make money and save time.

He also discovered that most of the “consultants” and “experts” out there in the automation space were either companies who were just promoting their own automation product, or consultants of those companies, only promoting the product they were certified in.

There was nowhere you could go to find out “Hey, what’s the best program for this scenario?” Or “I have X problem, what program can help me solve it?”

Thus – CG Marketing Automation was born.

Our main focus is to bring a straight-forward, unbiased approach to the world of automation. We are not sponsored by any company, and only give out recommendations and showcase systems because we’ve tested them with real life businesses and achieved real life results with them.

If something comes along tomorrow and saves us more time or makes us more money than the program we’re using today – we’re switching to it.

Marketing Automation is an ever-changing battlefield. Let’s face it, someone invents a cool little doodad or program Every. Single. Day. It’s our job to distinguish if it’s valuable or not, find out ways to use it to make money and save time, and provide that solution for you, so you can ultimately benefit from it.

CG Marketing Automation is, and always will be, about saving time. It is the most precious gift we have, and we’re all about giving our fans, customers, and clients as much time to enjoy their life as we possibly can.

And THAT, is what CG Marketing Automation is all about.